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  • Paul Caparatta

On Visiting Cemeteries

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

If you hate traffic jams, the major Roman Catholic cemeteries are best avoided on Christmas Day, Easter or Palm Sunday: my point being that many people, including me, feel a sense of loyalty or perhaps enduring respect by visiting the graves of our loved ones. Aside from religious holidays associated with your faith, we also visit on dates that were significant in the decedent’s life: birthdays, wedding anniversaries or their date of death.

Angela & Joseph Caparatta

Today is my birthday and despite having recently visited my parents’ graves accompanied by my sister, I feel an overwhelming sense of wanting to visit again. We tend to view our birthday as one of our special dates, forgetting for the moment that it is also a special date for our parents. It’s the day my parents became parents for the first time. These are the very two people who gave me life, then raised me for nearly two decades. Most of all, I was blessed with long-lived parents. Yes, there were a few rough patches in the road as I asserted my independence but I had my mother and father for sixty-eight and seventy years respectively and I will always see them through the eyes of a small boy. I should not have been surprised when it suddenly occurred to me that visiting them on my birthday was as valid as visiting them on their wedding anniversary or the days the passed. Perhaps I needed to feel connected to them on my special day. Paul Caparatta aside from being the best big brother a girl can have is also an accomplished author. In a time when small business store owners need to learn how to protect themselves and their employees; Merchants at War, A Practical Guide to Retail Security is a must read. Thank you for your contribution and Happy Birthay. Paul Caparatta: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks ... Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. ... See search results for author "Paul Caparatta" in Books ...

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