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Visit From an Angel

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Messages From Heaven, I believe, are important for both spirit and those of us hoping and praying that our loved ones are okay. I suspect if you’re reading this, you too believe and find affirmation in other’s experiences.. Apparitions are rare and very special indeed - coupled with electrical activity , they're as real as it gets. Read a Visit From an Angel, shared with us by a friend who asked to remain anonymous.

One day in the autumn of 2001 we got a visit from above, although it was brief it will forever be in our hearts...

I remember that day as if it happened yesterday. I went downstairs to check on grandpa, my father-in-law and for some reason he was “off.” We live in a two family home and we occupied the upstairs apartment.

Grandpa was a large man - his hands were the size of a bear’s paws, but his voice was soft like a kitten and his heart was made of gold. He was a man of very few words, but when he spoke, you listened. His words were short, sweet and to the point, and he always meant business. But on this day, he was saying the most bizarre things. I can’t recollect exactly what he was saying because he was mumbling under his breath. He wasn’t making much sense. It was as if he was talking to someone else in this empty room. I called my husband while at work, a rarity reserved for only very important messages or emergencies. I told him his dad was acting unusual and not quite himself. He assured me all was well and not to worry and that his dad was probably half asleep and likely dreaming,

On week nights, our kid's busy schedule and Ed’s later work hours didn’t allow for family mealtimes, so I would bring Grandpa his meal. This evening he was staring out of the window. I asked, “Grandpa, what are you looking at”? “He said, “Do you see that person there?” “What person? There’s nobody there.” “Right there!” he said, “She’s looking at me!” I got closer to the window, there was no one there. Maybe it’s shadows I offered, but I could see he was getting upset with me. “Right there!” he insisted as he adamantly pointed to the window. I didn’t see a thing. Maybe the wind blew and shook the tree, but I didn’t want to upset him an more than I already did. “I don’t see anyone right now, maybe our neighbor Jack had a visitor.” I’m not sure if my answer was patronizing to him, but we just left it at that. I went upstairs and called my husband again, telling him about what was going on and my growing concern.

The first thing Ed did when he returned from work was to check on his dad and all seemed fine, although my intuition was telling me otherwise. After Ed’s dinner he returned to his father to ready him for bed, a nightly routine. Ed reported that Grandpa wasn’t acting unusual or saying anything strange but I felt something was going on; I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

messages from an angel, messages from beyond

It was around 10 pm, the kids were already sleeping and Ed and I were cuddled up on the couch watching television, that’s when we heard it...a huge crash downstairs. The two of us flew down those stairs with nothing but the worst thoughts in our mind that something terrible happened to grandpa. We swung open the door and there he was, on the floor right next to his bed. Ed immediately assessed him before he proceeded to help him up. Ed asked “Dad, what happened?” His dad said “I fell out of bed because mom was sitting on the couch.” He was trying to get to her. He was calling out to her “Emma, Emma...” as if she were leaving and he didn’t want to see her go.

messages from an angel, messages from beyond

I said, “Ed, Your Mom is here. She’s in the room, I feel it!” In the gentlest way, Ed whispered, “Dad, Mom is gone.” Then it happened, the floor lamp next to Grandpa’s chair turned on. We both saw it, there was no denying it. Ed checked the lamp cord and switch, both were fine. “She’s here!” I repeated to Ed, very quietly, not to upset grandpa, “That was a sign from your mom. It was for YOU!” At that moment he knew, his mom stopped in for a visit.

Psychic mediums like “The Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo, John Edwards, and many others all say one thing in common: they tell us to Look for Signs From Beyond. These signs can take the form of feathers, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, objects and songs that resonate with us or hold a special meaning. Some smell the scent of their loved one’s favorite cologne or perfume. Some spirits come to us in dreams so real we can touch them and maybe we have.

Have you been touched by an Angel or have an experience to share? Message us at or comment below, we'd love to hear from you.

Happily married 46 years

PS. Little Messages - The day my friend gave me Emma's photo for this piece; I found all the interior lights on in my car, I have no memory of hitting the light switch. Last evening walking around my home I gave thought to this piece, I would be picking up a photo of Grandpa. the following morning. Returning to my kitchen my daughter asked if I changed the bulbs in the little puck lights under the cabinets. "I did not, I bought replacement lamps and they didn't work", I replied, as she pointed to the now lit lights where no lights had worked for a few years. She quipped, so are one of your spirits here? Hello Emma!!

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