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Everyone has wondered... How will people remember me after I die? What type of legacy will I leave? Will I have money left to cover my debts and funeral costs? 

We help people address these questions making the process of planning a memorial service straightforward and stress-free. We handle all of the permits and approvals, and can create a personalized memorial tailored to you or a loved one’s final wishes. You can choose an affordable, personalized, and unique memorial somewhere that’s special.  Maybe this is a place in nature or out at sea - or maybe it's not too far from home. Maybe you’d like it to involve a favorite hobby or activity. Teraloom has dignified memorials for any religious, spiritual or personally held beliefs. We specialize in ash scattering, destination ceremonies, living tree memorials and even do memorial services for pets. 


For many people funerals tend to be sad and somber, sometimes even uncomfortable and awkward.  If you made the arrangements for the funeral that’s less common - however many people know funerals tend to be expensive and burdensome. Today's funeral industry is riddled with unethical business practices that take the form of predatory sales on bereaved consumers. 

Our goal at Teraloom is to reshape the industry by offering uplifting, transparent, and inexpensive alternatives. We have an extensive network across the US and abroad for people to choose almost any location for a remarkable tribute. These ceremonies take place at sea, and also in the mountains, forests, and deserts. These beautiful and unique commemorations in nature create lasting and cherished memories.  They also give loved ones an exceptional space to remember and honor the loss of someone who was special to them. 


Often after walking, hiking, or cruising by boat to the intended location - there is a ceremony which sometimes involves sharing memories or stories, as well as a short eulogy or prayer.  A family member, officiant, or celebrant will usually lead the group through the service. Loved ones can then mark the the exact location in the Ecorial app which records the gps coordinates, time and date. This is a nice option for those interested in a free digital online memorial where an obituary, photos, memories and more can be shared.

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