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On Land Memorial Ceremony

Interested in doing an ash scattering memorial on land? Setting up a memorial service can be stressful to plan, especially when grieving the loss of a loved one. We are here to help you get through this difficult time by planning the perfect at on land ash scattering or memorial ceremony.

Sun setting during an ash scattering memorial ceremony on land

What is an on Land Memorial Ceremony?

Land Memorial Ceremonies are memorial services that can take the shape of a small commemoration to an elaborate celebration of life.  There are many ways to honor the life of a loved one in nature. How you choose to remember them often comes down to how they would want to be remembered while keeping in mind the needs of family and friends. Memorial ceremonies in nature are an amazing way to honor loved ones by commemorating who they were, what they loved, and the relationships they had with those close to them.


Many are unaware that there are often permits and allowances that need to be obtained before a legal ash-scattering memorial can take place. To make the process stress free, we handle all of the necessary paper work to include permits and reporting. Our experienced memorial guides work with you one-on-one to create a personalized ceremony in a serene, private, and beautiful location. 


We handle all of the details so that you can focus on spending time remembering your loved one with those who matter most.

On Land Memorial Certemony in the forest

Additional Services

We offer options for urns, keepsakes, flowers, officiants, live streaming, and video services that can even include drone footage! Videos are a great option for family members who can't attend but want to see and experience the special event.


We offer unique environmentally-friendly urns that are both attractive, durable and biodegradable. You can also find custom keepsakes that are beautiful way to remember your loved one and the special day you honored them. Lastly, we have a memorial app that marks the exact GPS coordinates of the scattering location where you can also add an obituary, photos, videos, and share memories.

We would be honored to help you create the perfect memorial for your loved one. Select a memorial service below or contact us to get started. 

Beloved  Locations

hawaii burials at sea in Oahu hapen here
Redwoods ash scattering memorial
Oahu / Honolulu


The island known as heart of Hawaii.  A beloved location for many people from all over the world.  A tropical paradise with pristine water and a cascading landscapes.  A picturesque place to hold a memorial. 



Colossal and towering beacons of mother nature.  Rest below a redwood tree in a serene place where family and friends will be enthusiastic to revisit.  These are some of the oldest and most humbling of forests to visit.  A marvelous location to commemorate a loved one.  

Sedona Memorial Service
Ash scattering and memorial services offered worldwide


A magical place revered for its grand and spectacular rock formations that surround the area of Oak Creek Canyon. Four mild seasons, clean air, and plenty of sunshine make it a popular year round destination.  An ideal embodiment of art, nature, spirituality and recreation

Choose a Specific Location


We offer ash scattering and memorials services anywhere on earth.  Reach out today to enquire about international locations and get help with the logistics and transportation.  Whether it be India, Mexico, France, or another beloved country - know that our team of experts will be able to help you make any final wish a reality.  

Ash Scattering and Memorial Services offered in the National Parks
National & State Parks


America's most renowned natural treasures.  From soaring peaks to massive canyons, many of the parks hold a special place in the lives of those who cherish the great outdoors.  They are home to some of the world's most unique geological landmarks, diverse ecosystems, and exciting recreational adventures.  Memorials here are always exciting for family and loved ones to revisit.  

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