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At Sea Memorial Ceremony

Searching for an ash scattering memorial at sea? Setting up a memorial service can be stressful to plan, especially when grieving the loss of a loved one. We are here to help you get through this difficult time by planning the perfect at sea memorial ceremony.

Sunset during an ash scattering at sea

What is an at Sea Memorial Ceremony?

Memorial services are designed to encapsulate the unique souls of those who have parted from us. We believe memorial ceremonies at sea are an amazing way to honor those we love by commemorating who they were and what they loved.


Many people are unaware that certain permits and allowances need to be obtained before a legal ash-scattering memorial can take place. To make the process stress free, we handle all of the necessary paper work to include permits and reporting with the EPA. Our experienced captains find a serene and private location to hold a beautiful ceremony. Sometimes families choose to have an officiant accompany the charter to help guide the service.


Teraloom handles all of the details so that you can focus on spending time remembering your loved one with those close to you.

Woman gaves at loved ones ashes at sea
Ash Scattering Memorial at Sea

Additional Services

We offer options for urns, keepsakes, flowers, officiants, live streaming, and video services that can even include drone footage! Videos are a great option if you know there will be some family members that can't attend.


We offer unique environmentally-friendly urns that are both attractive, durable and biodegradable. You can also find custom keepsakes that are beautiful way to remember your loved one and the special day you honored them.


Lastly, we have a memorial app that marks the exact GPS coordinates of the scattering location where you can also add an obituary, photos, videos, and share memories. We would be honored to help you create the perfect memorial for your loved one. Select a memorial service online or contact us to get started. 

Atlantic Ocean Memorials

At Sea Memorials in Florida
At Sea Memorials in New York


Multiple Cities

Costal metropolises bustling with life, dazzling  beaches, and limitless fun in the sun.  A cherished get away and retirement paradise.  Hold an ash scattering or memorial in some of the most stunning ocean waters in the world.  


New York City & Long Island

Also known as the Big Apple, New Amsterdam, Alderman, and the melting pot of the world.  It is the premier center of diversity, excitement and intrigue.  Tall skyscrapers sit along side some of the most emblematic monuments in the world. People from across the globe have a special connection to the city and truly      NY.

At Sea Memorials in North Carolina


Multiple Cities

These spectacular sand banks are a favorite vacation destination for many families.  The Outer Banks offer some of the Atlantic coast's best fishing and scuba diving.  It's wide sand beaches have for centuries offered families a haven where they can relax and enjoy the ocean.

Burials at sea New Jersey


Multiple Cities

Starting at the top of Sandy Hook and running its way down to Cape May Point, the New Jersey coast is a breathtaking haven with a long history.  From the bustling draw of Atlantic City to the scenic charm of Cape May,  you can surly find a location to inter and memorialize a loved one.

At Sea Memorials in Maryland
At Sea Memorials Worldwide
Multiple Cities


The Maryland Coast is known for its Assateague Island National Seashore and wild horses.  It also boasts the ever-thrilling and authentic communities of Ocean City.  There is an abundance of scenic nature areas, museums and preserved heritage locations with deep local history.  Choose from a wide array of picturesque locations to hold a memorial.


Choose a Location

We offer ash scattering and memorials services anywhere on earth.  Reach out today to enquire about international locations and get help with the logistics and transportation.  Whether it be India, Mexico, France, or another beloved country - know that our team of experts will be able to help you make any final wish a reality.  

Pacific Ocean Memorials

Hawaii burial at sea
Memorials at Sea in California
Oahu / Honolulu


The island known as heart of Hawaii.  A beloved location for many people from all over the world.  A tropical paradise with pristine water and a cascading landscapes.  A picturesque place to hold a memorial. 

San Francisco


One of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in America.  Home to many iconic landmarks, diverse communities, and cultural attractions.  With hilly terrain and expansive views it is a breathtaking place to hold a memorial service for a loved one. 

Burial at Sea in Los Angeles
Memorials at Sea in Washington
Los Angeles


The City of Angels is a busy metropolis surrounded by sprawling mountain ranges, forests, valleys and beaches.  Home to Hollywood and a plethora of glitz, glamour and excitement.  Hold a memorial at sea off the coast of this wonderous city.



This colorful and vibrant city sits on the serene backdrop of the Puget Sound.  It has incredible views of the Olympic mountains to the west and Cascade mountains to the east.  It is known as the Emerald City due to its grand evergreen forests.  Many hold it dear as a mecca culture, artistry, cuisine and coffee.   Honor a loved one with a beautiful send off in this unparalleled city.  

Helpful Hint

Many popular ports used for at sea burials are also vacation destinations and may have limited availability around holiday weekends and summer vacation, so plan ahead of time if possible.

When traveling to the port, we recommend scheduling your private charter early in your stay to allow for back up days in case poor weather or ocean conditions do not allow for your ash scattering ceremony to be held at your preferred time.

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