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  • What types of services does Teraloom offer?
    We offer memorial services in beautiful locations all over the world. These can be ash scattering memorials, funerals, celebrations of life, and living memorial ceremonies. We are currently offering three types of services which are do-it-yourself, unaccompanied and accompanied. The Do-It-Yourself Memorial is a good choice for those who are interested in scattering their loved one's ashes on their own and would like to receive assistance with this process. The Unaccompanied Memorial is a perfect option for those who might be physically, financially, or otherwise restricted from traveling to the place they would like a loved one to be scattered. It's also helpful for those who wish to memorialize someone who they might not have had a close relationship with. Families can choose a scattering location that is beautiful and meaningful. With this package one of our trained professionals transports, documents, and disperses a loved one’s ashes. Further customization includes choosing an exact date of the scattering memorial. The Accompanied Memorial is the best option for families seeking to scatter ashes at sea or have a beautiful ash scattering memorial in nature. An experienced captain or guide will take you to a private location where scattering ashes is authorized. The ash scattering memorial can be simple or it can be personalized based on the deceased's final wishes or the family's needs.
  • How much does it cost?
    Our mission is to make memorial services affordable and transparent. Which is why our DIY Memorial Service starts at just $245. The Unaccompanied memorial starts at $395 and Accompanied memorial at $695. There are many service location options for those seeking affordability. Also service add-ons are available to make the event personalized and special.
  • Do I Need a Special Urn or Container?
    It's advisable to use a scattering urn or biodegradable urn. The typical container provided by the funeral home is known as the temporary container which is often a plastic box with the cremated remains in a large plastic bag. Scattering directly out of the bag is cumbersome, can be messy, and offers very little scattering control. Selecting an urn to either scatter from or to place in the water will provide a smooth and more reverential ceremony.
  • Will the Captain Officiate the Ceremony?
    In most cases, no. The captain's role is to maintain the safe navigation of the vessel (often keeping the boat steady during the ceremony) but he or she will help you with the scattering and other matters while on board. See next question, Who Officiates the Ceremony?
  • Who officiates the Burial at Sea Ceremony?
    This depends on if you prefer a religious ceremony, a non religious service led by an officiant/ celebrant, or if you are seeking a simple event often led by one or more family members. If a formal service or memorial has already taken place, often the burial at sea ceremony is a simpler event. Teraloom has a template for families who plan to lead their service at sea, it also includes options for prayers, songs, and quotes. Ceremonies at sea can be a great time to share stories and memories of a loved one. If a religious ceremony is in order, it's recommended you invite your priest or minister to officiate. Though if you are traveling in for the event and would like a priest, minister, etc. - we have clergy who we work with that we can recommend. Note - Clergy are counted as passengers.
  • Should I Tip the Captain?
    Generally a tip to the captain is customary but not required, however if there is a mate on board you should offer them a tip. A good tip is $50.00 to one mate, if there are two mates $20 each is recommended. If you're hosting a large group (more than 15) it is good to ask your captain.
  • What Kind of Boat Will I Be On?
    The standard type of vessel used for burial at sea is a commercial sight-seeing, fishing, or scuba diving boat. This is because they are Coast Guard inspected for safety and generally affordable. Larger vessels equipped for catering events such as weddings and other celebrations typically don't go out into the ocean because they are slow and burn a lot of fuel. That said there are beautiful smaller yachts available, but you should expect to pay more.
  • Do I Need a Special Permit or Report With the EPA?
    The only state that requires a permit is California and not in all counties. Reporting with the EPA must be done in 30 days which is taken care of by our team with any of our services. Read more in our blog - Scattering Ashes and Reporting to the EPA.
  • What if I get seasick on a memorial at sea?
    Sea sickness or motion sickness can affect anyone. There are preventative measures one can take, such as keeping your eye on the horizon. Check out our blog on sea sickness for helpful hints.
  • What if it Rains?
    Light rain or the chance of a pop up shower shouldn't interfere with your service, however thunderstorms, high winds or any small craft advisories may lead to a cancellation. In the event of inclement weather we will reschedule with you. If for any reason you cannot reschedule, we recommend considering an Unaccompanied Service where you can leave the ashes with the captain to be taken out at a later date. See Refunds and Returns if you are considering cancellation.
  • What if I want to prearrange my memorial service or have my ashes scattered somewhere after I pass?
    We can assist with this process, and it will involve adding instructions to your will.  There's always stories of people who wanted to be cremated and have their ashes spread, but the process was never seen through.  The events following death are very important and we believe every person should be laid to rest in their desired location.  Even if you do not use our services we strongly encourage you to include what you wish to be done with your body in your will. 
  • How much do competitors charge for similar services?
    Standard funeral, burial with ceremony: $8,500 average Scattering by Air: $600-$1,400 Deep Sea Coral Reefs: $2,995-$7,495 Balloon Scattering: $6,000-$12,500

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