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Ash Scattering at Sea
Ash Scattering in New Jersey

Embark from one of the many historic resort towns into the Atlantic Ocean. The open water provides a serene setting for family and friends to say their final goodbyes. Upon request we have an extensive selection of prayers, songs, quotes, music options and more. Every charter is private and can be personalized to you and your loved one’s wishes. The average cost in NJ is $875.00

New Jersey's coastline has been a chosen final resting place for several notable figures. The ashes of legendary American singer and actor Frank Sinatra were scattered off the coast of Atlantic City, a place he held close to his heart. 

Accompanied Ash Scattering Service:

  • Logistics & Coordination: Guidance for family and friends to the event location. This includes any transportation assistance needed.

  • Permits & Approvals: All permits and approvals are covered, making the event streamlined and stress free. This includes filing the required report with the EPA for ash scattering at sea.

  • Personalized Ceremony: The event can be personalized for any wishes within reason. The ceremony is often led by a member of the family or an officiant. Upon request we can provide a list of common prayers, eulogies, songs, etc. Many of our captains have experience as a memorial at sea officiant. Please inquire if you would like the ceremony to be led by the captain or an officiant.

Photography options and recording the GPS coordinates of exact scattering location is available with every service.

What to Bring:


  • Comfortable attire and secure footwear

  • Sunscreen

  • Rain jacket based on the weather forecast

Have a specific location in mind that's not listed? Contact us today to get a quote.  

Water Urn being placed into ocean
Location of John Kennedy Jr.'s resting place

Unaccompanied Ash Scattering Service:

A perfect option for those who might be physically, financially, or otherwise restricted from traveling to the place they would like a loved one to be scattered. This option can also be helpful for those who wish to memorialize someone with whom they might not have had a close relationship. Simply send us the ashes of a loved one and a Teraloom professional will transport, document, and disperse the ashes in a desired resting place.


Ceremonies can be personalized upon request. Sometimes families will have the captain read a farewell message, prayer, or poem. The ash scattering can be set for a specific date upon request. 

Included in the Unaccompanied Memorial Service:

  • Permits & Approvals: We fill out and assist in submitting all permits, approvals, and required documentation - making the event streamlined and stress free. This includes filing the required report with the EPA when the service is done at sea.

  • Tracking & Updates: Families receive photos and notifications of a loved one's ashes throughout the journey.

  • Personalized Ceremony: The scattering is performed by one of our experienced memorial captains or wilderness guides. We can help personalize the event upon request. Ceremony templates are available with options such as prayers, eulogies, songs, and more.

  • Photos and GPS coordinates of exact scattering location.

Photography options and recording the GPS coordinates of exact scattering location is available with every service.

Optional Add On: Free Cremated Remains Shipping Kit
- You only pay for shipping 







It contains one Priority Mail Express Box, a roll of Priority Mail Express Tape, bubble cushioning, a self-sealing plastic bag, and a copy of Publication 139; How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains.


Since Priority Mail Express is the only way for people to ship Cremated Remains this kit makes it easy to send a loved one's ashes from one destination to another.  Each box is printed with the words "Cremated Remains" in bright color for visibility and is reinforced to be sturdy- ensuring safety and security of the package during processing. The kit includes all the necessary packing items needed to bring peace of mind that your irreplaceable shipment is safe in handling.


Standard Timing vs. Exact Date

Standard timing (typically ashes are scattered within 30-90 days, pending seasonal considerations): With this option we plan the best day for your loved one's scattering event, making sure the weather is suitable at sea before heading out to scatter. We will keep you updated along the way and will provide an exact scattering date as well as approximate time once the logistics are scheduled.

Exact date: Do you want to have your loved one's ashes scattered on a special day? (birthday, anniversary, date of passing, etc.)  We can help! Once you select a special date, we will reach out to confirm if we are able to go out on that date given the weather, sea conditions, and other charters possibly scheduled. Subject to additional cost.

Prohibited: No Balloon release, because of the threat to wildlife.  All items must be biodegradable, flowers must be real, no strings, wires, clothing, etc.

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