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The Real Reason to Chose a Biodegradable Urn

Burial at Sea, scattering cremated remains or keeping the ashes in a container to place in the water is best accomplished by using our Biodegradable or Scattering Urn. Placing an urn to naturally dissolve and disperse the ashes in the water is in keeping with Roman Catholic practices or for those not emotionally prepared to view the ashes.

With a growing demand for alternative memorials and green burials, our crafted biodegradable and scattering urns are eco-friendly and simply beautiful - a fitting tribute for a final farewell.

Saying goodbye is never easy, having the correct type of urn for a memorial at sea is essential. Here’s why:

Your funeral director or crematory will return your loved one’s cremated remains in a plastic bag, inside a temporary container. Scattering from this long neck plastic bag is both cumbersome and unceremonious. What you envisioned as a beautiful scattering turns into simply holding the plastic bag and pouring out the contents with little control of the flow.

Selecting an urn to scatter from will provide for a controlled flow and allow others to scatter because the envelope style is easy to hold. A submersible biodegradable urn is placed or tossed into the water where it will float for a short time before it absorbs water and sinks to the ocean floor.

Here are just a few selections from our store.

The Classic Envelope Style Urn, suitable for scattering or as a water urn. Sky Blue and other colors available.

Classic Envelope Style Urn for burial at sea

For Scattering your loved one and their pet, consider our Pearl Blue Water Urns, suitable for scattering or releasing to float until it submerges.

Pearl Blue Water Urns for sea burial

Today many couples wait for each other. What do you mean you mean you ask? Well, traditionally, ground burials hold the remains of two individuals, allowing couples to be together through eternity. Not so much when choosing a burial or scattering at sea, so folks ask that their remains not be scattering until a partner has also passed. See our beautiful Eco Water Urn. Visit our website to watch a short video as it floats and submerges.

Companion Urn holds the remains of two for funerals at sea

Introducing the Laguna™ Water Burial Companion Urn. This adult size urn is breathtaking in its size and quality. Measuring 3 feet in width, families will have a glorious flower to memorialize their loved one. The Laguna™ Water Burial Companion Urn is a handmade, all paper cremation urn. This biodegradable origami flower was crafted with love and is an exciting new option for water burials.

For a unique and beautiful urn, consider our Natural Bio Urn, carved from salt which biodegrades in just a few hours.

biodegradable salt urn for ash scattering ceremony

Our Comfort Heart Paper Urn, a touching way to show your love.

For more information, including keepsake urns and jewelry visit our online store.

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