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16 Questions Answered by Psychic Medium Felicia Grant - AMA

Felicia Grant graciously accepted our invitation in an Ask Me Anything session with Donna Capara

First things first, What is a Certified Psychic Medium you ask? The short answer is, to become a Certified Medium, one must undergo extensive training culminating in being tested by your mentor and peers. Years of practice and study in the field make for reputable mediums, who often provide other services such as Soul Reading, Trance Healing and Reiki Healing. Felicia practices in all of these disciplines, to learn more

AKA Felicia Grant - All questions were submitted by my readers.

1. How does the Medium know who they are talking to?

FG: This is a GREAT question! When the spirit connection happens I get first a sense of man or woman, I will then get an impression/sense or hear “Mother” “Father” “Grandmother etc…The spirit will then give me more information such as his occupation, his name or something that the sitter will understand. Example: “I have a man here that feels like a father to me and I want to put him in a white uniform on a ship”….Yes, my father was in the navy!

2. Does a medium hear and see spirit?

FG: Mediums have 4 senses. Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentient, Claircognizance (hear, see, feel, know). There is a mind to mind communication that takes place between spirit and medium. We hear words, see pictures and get a feeling or knowing from spirit. All these senses work together. My teacher has said are we actually seeing what spirit is projecting or are they placing the thought in your head….Like Red Apple?

3. Do your loved ones remember all the people that were in their life?

FG: Yes, they have a memory of those in their life, but also know about new babies after their departure! 4. If you talk out loud to them, do they hear you?

FG: Yes, spirit can hear you and also know what you are thinking about as well.

5. Do they know what you are thinking without talking to them?

FG: Yes, you might be contemplating a career change, buying a new car or just sitting on a bench reflecting spirit knows what you’re doing and what you’re thinking. Maybe not all the time but especially if you’re thinking about them!

6. Do they know what you are feeling?

FG: Yes, they are always around. They will come close during joyous and sad occasions to support.

7. Why don’t they all show themselves when some do?

FG: When spirit leaves they no longer have a physical body so they would project an image mind to mind of what you think they look like. Just like mediums, some people are more visual than others, so maybe that is why some see spirit and others don’t. Again, I personally get a sense or feeling of the spirit communicator. I don’t actually think I see them

8. Why don’t they all talk to you so that you hear their voices when some do?

FG: Trust me they ALL can talk! It’s a matter of being open to hearing them, trust when you do and realize they no longer have a voice box. So, again you don’t actually “hear” them speaking to you; it's in your head; a voice or a feeling or thought that is not your own.

9. Do they only go to people that they truly loved or to just anyone in their life?

FG: Spirit will come through from the husband, mother or father that truly loved you, to a friend from High School wanting to thank you for helping them to not be shy or sticking up for them. Possibly a relative that hurt you might come through with an apology of wrong doing

10. Do they send you signs that they are near you?

FG: Yes, here are a few things that I’ve heard from spirit and confirmed by loved ones. Rainbows, cardinals, blue birds, coins, feathers, perfume smell, cigarette or cigar smoke smell, lights flickering, clocks stopping.

DC: I have a story that perfectly illustrates this. While on board with a family about to scatter the ashes of their loved one, the boat lost all power. The depth finder and all electronics were out and we even hit a sand bar, leaving us stranded for a short time. The family consisted of an older gentleman, along with his daughter and grandson. All seemed unfazed and even amused. The gentleman then shared that since his wife had passed two weeks earlier, the lights in the house and other electric appliances had been going on and off. Power was restored after 20 minutes, the captain could offer no explanation.

11. Do all or some of your loved ones that have passed before you come to get you?

FG: Yes, I believe that no one passes alone. There is always someone there to greet you and help you understand what’s happening. Especially if you die suddenly and don’t realize that you’re dead (this only lasts momentarily). A lot of people dying will see their loved ones in their room at night ready to take them home.

DC: My mother had her share of illness through the years, most requiring surgery of one sort or the other. On one such occasion, she flat lined and and was later resuscitated. It was years later when she told me that she saw all of her family, she remembered that both her mother and aunt said to her, "It's not your time, you need to go back". She told me in no uncertain terms that she didn't want to, but came back anyway. I'd like to know if this is something that simply happens or there's a choice? I didn't think to ask at the time.

12. If they don’t come to get you, do you at least get to see them?

FG: Yes, I believe we all travel in soul groups and return back to those soul groups so if someone is not there initially you will see them soon.

13. Do animals see them?

FG:Yes, animals are very sensitive to spirit and can sense when they are around..especially cats but dogs as well.

14. Do they watch over you?

FG:Yes, I feel they do watch over you and want the best for you. They cannot interrupt free will thou. They watch and they know what’s happening in your life!

15. Do they protect you?

FG: Hum…..I’d say yes but I feel we have guardian angels as well that protect us! Angels that have never walked the earth plane are there to guide us. I do however know from readings that spirit will watch over a grandchild or be with a loved one as they’re dying. I have a story in England about a man that had crossed over but he was hanging out at a public swimming pool and making the lights go off at night and strange events were reported. When a medium came in she talked to him. He told her he was concerned that the teenagers were watching over the kiddie pool but not paying attention! He feared there would be a drowning and was trying to get their attention. He felt the senior (retirees) should be watching the small children not the teens. Once they change things around this spirit moved on. So, in a sense he was protecting the children at the pool.

16. If someone believes they have the gift and want to explore and/or develop, what advice would you give?

FG: Find a professional medium that does mentoring. I suggest finding “high profile” mediums such as James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell, Mavis Patilla, Andy Byng, or Lisa Williams (my teacher) and sign up for a mentoring course. These can all be done via zoom in an online classroom. Find a development circle that meets weekly and begin to sit in circle and practice connecting to spirit in your group before you begin to offer readings for friends. There is a lot of ethics and responsibility that comes with this ability/gift! You want to be authentic and make sure you are coming from a high vibration and source (spirit world). There are a lot of mediums out there that are doing psychic readings but calling them mediumship! All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. Let me explain this a bit more. When you connect to a client as a psychic you are reading the energetic blueprint or auric field of your client (past, present, future events). When you connect as a medium you are getting information directly from their loved ones in spirit or I sometimes get information from my spirit guide. Most seasoned mediums train, mentor and sit in circle for up to 5 years before offering their services!

Felicia Grant is a Certified Psychic Medium, Holy Fire® Reiki Master and Trance Medium. As a highly sensitive child Felicia has always been very sensitive to her surroundings, seeing and feeling things that others could not understand. Seeing the “unseen” has always been a part of her life. In 2014 Felicia met Lisa Williams International Psychic Medium and began a 2 year mentoring program with Lisa thru her spiritual development school followed by a 2 year certification program. Since that time Felicia has mentored and continues to train with Tony Stockwell British Psychic Medium. Mediumship is a life long vocation according to Mavis Patilla so ongoing mentoring is a must! Felicia has a private practice in Wilmington, NC working with clients doing mediumship readings, trance healing and reiki.

For more information or to contact Felicia Grant

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