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How to Cope, Create New Goals, and Keep Moving Forward After the Loss of a Loved One

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is never easy. Especially when you are responsible for managing their home or belongings, the stress and emotional weight make the situation challenging. But there are ways to make things go more smoothly, including your grieving and healing process. Here are some tips from Teraloom.

Prioritize Sorting and Decluttering

While it might feel better to push the task aside, many people find going through their loved one’s things to be healing and even cathartic. Positive memories associated with their possessions can help you to begin healing. It may be that this passing necessitates selling your house. If that’s the case, take time to go through the house room by room, organizing and cleaning as you go. You’ll want to leave the whole house in top shape, so consider hiring help for the larger tasks like deep cleaning furniture.

Let the Kids Experience Grief

Losing a loved one is difficult when you are an adult, but when your child it can be exponentially so. There is a lot of confusion around death where children are concerned. Many do not understand the permanence of the situation. Others may want to pretend that their loved one is still alive. Remember, children grieve differently than adults, says the Child Mind Institute. They may make it through the funeral and then lose it days later. Others get quiet for weeks after.

Help the youngest members of your family by allowing them to experience grief in a way that makes sense to them. Provide a safe environment where they can be sad, angry, or confused. Listen when they speak, but avoid the temptation to tell them that everything will be okay. This may confuse a younger child and lead them to believe that their loved one will return.

Part of allowing your children to grieve in their own way is to let them see you experience pain yourself. If you need to cry, cry. There is no true definition for healthy grieving, particularly for children who have never experienced this type of trauma before. If you do get concerned about their mental health, talk to their pediatrician.

Remember to Take Care of Legal Issues

It isn’t easy to deal with mundane tasks like obtaining a death certificate or filing paperwork. But these are necessary steps to avoid having bills continue to arrive in your loved one’s name or having people calling looking for payment. You should keep an eye out for important papers, which could be relevant in terms of your loved one’s legacy or last wishes.

Focus on Self-Care and Step Back as Needed

While your focus is likely on getting through all your responsibilities following your loved one’s passing, self-care is important, too. Nurturing yourself in all ways—physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual—can help you to move forward in life.

Don’t Give Up on Your Own Dreams

While losing someone that you care deeply about can throw roadblocks in your way, it’s vital that you keep focused on your own life goals. Perseverance can help prevent the suppression and avoidance that might stem from your loss, says Psychology Today. Accepting that the pain of such a loss is now part of life will become a turning point toward your future.

One way to constructively cope with the loss of someone close is by honoring their memory in how you continue to live. One way to do that is by continuing your education. Choosing to live on successfully after a loved one’s passing honors their memory and brightens your life.

The pain of losing someone will stay with you, though it will lessen slightly over time. But as experts say, experiencing emotional pain is proof that you have the capacity to care and to adapt. After all, you’re still here, and you can give your life meaning, both to honor your loved one and yourself. By caring for yourself as well as others, you can make progress toward a happy life. Even though you will always feel the loss of your loved one, working toward a fulfilling and successful future is an excellent way to honor their memory. Above all, remember that you’re not alone.

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