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End of Life Document Checklist

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

By The Mesothelioma Center (

Talking about Final Wishes

It's not always easy to talk about end-of-life wishes. People may avoid these

discussions out of fear of burdening their loved ones. Though it may be tough, it is

critical to be upfront with your family about your end-of-life desires so that you can live

your final years in peace.

If you have a terminal condition like mesothelioma (find more information about

mesothelioma here:, it is critical that you and

your loved ones write down your wishes.

Important End of Life Documents

We understand how difficult this time must be, but you must always remember you are

never alone. The Mesothelioma Center offers a guide to assist you with your end-of-life

documents checklist.

End-of-life planning should not be regarded as a taboo subject. If you've been

diagnosed with a terminal illness and are undergoing treatment, making plans ahead of

time can make your family feel more at ease. The sooner you begin planning, the more

confident you and your family will be in making the best decisions possible.

Setting up a Memorial Service

For assistance setting up end-of-life plans regarding your memorial, Teraloom can help

you find the service that meets your final wishes. Ash scattering, burial at sea, and tree

memorials are affordable and beautiful ways to honor one’s life in nature. If you are

seeking a sea memorial ceremony, ash scattering on land, or another type of

destination memorial service - Teraloom has a network of captains, guides, and

celebrants all across the country who can help you create the perfect personalized


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