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Who can be Buried at Sea?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Who Can Be Buried at Sea? One of the most commonly asked question. The Answer - ANYONE.

Private charters can be arranged for anyone without having served any military service. The popularity of Burial At Sea is very common place today because it's economical, but mainly because it's the request of the deceased. Many will ask their loved ones to honor their final wishes and suggest a port. Most common are a family's favorite vacation spot or perhaps near where the individual once lived in his or her youth.

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Friends and family attend burial's at sea everyday nationwide and it's not limited to any particular religious practice.

Where are these Burials at Sea taking place? In every major and popular port when vessels are in operation. Many Northeast and Pacific Northwest captains haul their vessels out over the winter, but there are a handful that remain operational through the winter. If you're planning a winter service, build in some flexibility; captain's won't go out in near freezing temperatures. Conversely, the busy summer months can be challenging when availability is limited.

Can Multiple Family Members be Scattered at the Same Time? ABSOLUTELY.

Charges are based on the use of the vessel and in some cases the number of passengers over and beyond a predetermined count. It's not uncommon for couples to wait until both have passed so they can be scattered at sea together.

What If My Loved One Was Former Military and I Want to be Present During the Service? The United States Navy performs unattended burial's at sea for honorably discharged veterans from all branches of service, however family can not be present on board. This dilemma is very common because the family wants to honor their loved one's military service but also wants to witness and participate in the scattering. The US Military Mortuary Program allows for Military Honors even when the burial service is civilian. With advanced planning, a minimum of lets say four weeks a Military Honor Guard can be arranged. Two volunteers, one from the branch of service the deceased served with, will perform Taps and the Flag Folding Ceremony dockside. On some occasions and providing the vessel's passenger capacity isn't exceeded, these volunteers might board the vessel and conduct the ceremony along with the family service.

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