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The Blue Jay - Messages From Heaven

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The Blue Jay - Dedicated to Josephine

September 30, 2017

It’s hard, very hard to explain, but until my father passed in 1992, I had never attended a wake. Well, let’s just say, I never entered the family viewing room; I did go to funeral homes to show respect and offer my support for family and friends, I just never went in. If you’re questioning why, let’s just leave at I have certain sensitivities that I neither care to disclose or explore.

We lived in a two family home. I occupied the second floor apartment with my family and my parents lived on the first floor. This arrangement continued for almost two decades until my mother took ill. As my mom grew older it was clear she needed more supervision so my husband and I moved to the first floor where we could be close by, especially at night. She was such a worrier and concerned that if her ailments continued I might place her into a nursing home. She made me swear that I wouldn’t and as long as I could care for her in our home she wasn’t going anywhere. She knew she was in good hands and didn’t hesitate to call out at night when she needed me. Those are the evenings I was so glad we made the decision to move down. Her last year became more difficult as she called out more and more. Sadly she suffered a massive stroke leaving her unable to swallow and her doctors unable to do anything further. We sat at her bedside day and night but as is the course in these matters she grew weaker and weaker. With the inevitable in sight, I sensed the day had come and I knew I couldn’t handle it. My husband went alone that day, holding her hand to the end and for that I’m profoundly grateful.

Several days after her funeral, just as I was falling asleep I heard her call out to me; I sat up to go to her when reality hit, she was gone. It happened again the following night and several nights thereafter. I told her it was upsetting me but I sensed how frightened she was and I felt helpless to help her. I would tell her to not be scared and to follow the light where my dad and her parents would greet her. The nightly calls subsided but I continued to feel her presence. The only way I can describe it is that sense when someone is standing right behind you except this feeling surrounded me.

An opportunity presented itself to meet with a psychic and she picked up that my mom was still with me and often in the kitchen, the one room where she spent much of her time. The psychic explained that the reason my mom wasn’t moving on was because of her fear of the unknown and not wanting to leave her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

For the past 4 or 5 months I have been telling her in different ways not to be scared, that she should move on into the white light where it is safe. I explained my dad, along with her loved ones would be waiting for her. I assured her that my husband and I, along her grandchildren and great grandchildren, were all ok and safe. I needed a way to communicate with her, and asked her to show me “a real blue feather” as a sign that she was ready to move on. When I asked for a blue feather I figured I might find a single blue feather and not in the form a photo, although I would have been happy with any sign. But I specifically asked for “a real blue feather.”

It was just a few weeks ago, while in my dining room I was talking with her. A feeling so overwhelming washed over me. I felt her all around but in a very different way. A deep chill caused me to shake in a way that came from within. And as I sat there in the moment my mind was racing, was this the message from beyond? I went to the kitchen sink and looked out to my backyard when I saw it; a blue jay. My first thought was to question if it would leave a feather behind, but then it hit me. By the time the bird flew away I realized it was the sign I had been asking my mother for for months. And that intense feeling just moments earlier...well, I just knew was her. Blue jays in my yard aren’t an everyday sight. My mother’s Message of Love was as profound and real as a phone call.

Since that day I haven’t felt her presence which is bittersweet. I miss my mom everyday, but knowing she’s moved on and in a better place with my dad brings me peace. Messages from Heaven are real, for those of us left behind to ease our grief.

Feelings of sadness and grief can come over us at anytime and September 30 just happened to be one of those days. I channeled my love for my mother by painting The Blue Jay, in her honor. I’ll continue to look for “Real Blue Feathers”, but in the meantime I know she’s where she needs to be - in Heaven.

Joan Moschella

The Blue Jay - JM Creative Artistry, message from heaven

Thank you Joan for sharing this very personal story.

I, too, share your belief that our loved ones want us to know they are always with us in spirit and love.

Have you had a similar personal experience you'd like to share?

Psychic mediums like “The Long Island Medium”, Theresa Caputo,, John Edwards,, and many others all say one thing in common , they tell us to Look for Signs From Beyond. These signs can take the form of feathers, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, objects and songs that resonate with us or hold a special meaning. Some smell the scent of their loved one’s favorite cologne or perfume. Some spirits come to us in dreams so real we can touch them and maybe we have.

Have you been touched by an Angel or have an experience to share? Message us at or comment below, we'd love to hear from you.

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