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Messages of Love - Hearts in Unexpected Places

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Returning home at the midday break for the wake service of my late husband, I looked up to a beautiful blue sky and a huge heart. I searched for the skywriter that made this most perfectly shaped heart, but it was nowhere in sight. I fixed my eyes on the heart for as long as I could in the short minute it took to drive one block. It never dissipated as clouds or smoke do, or even wavered in shape. I felt it had to be a sign, Hearts in Unexpected Places I told myself.

I don’t remember who was driving, I sat in the back seat with two of my three children. I do remember pointing to the heart, but that is my only recollection.

Several months later my young son came to me; he said he was feeling very sad because of losing his dad. My heart sank for him; through his sobs he told me he was he was sitting out recess and his fourth grade classmates were beginning to notice. I took Mike in my arms, gently wiped his tears and told him about the beautiful heart I saw in the sky. “Look for hearts in unexpected places, that’s your dad saying hello”. I hoped my words could bring him some comfort and off to bed he went.

The very next day, Mike came running through the front door, so excited he could barely explain the events of the day. It seems he again was sitting out recess when one of his classmates came to sit by his side. She said she didn’t want him to sit alone and he began to tell her the story of the heart in the sky. She told him she had a favorite tee shirt and hadn’t been able to find it for a long time, until that very day. She opened her jacket to reveal the tee shirt with a heart.

Now these are the moments some would chalk up to coincidence, I chose to believe there are no coincidences when it comes to Messages of Love.

The image above is one I purchased to illustrate this blog; the heart I saw was absolutely perfect with no breaks at all. And while I don't believe it was put there in any metaphysical way I do believe we can sometimes look to the clouds for messages.

A case in point happened only a few weeks ago. My brother had the idea to sprinkle sand from our family's favorite place, Cape Cod on the grave-site of our parents. Since I happened to have a small jar of sand from Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, we made our plan to meet. As soon as I stepped out of my front door I looked up to see a cloud formation that looked amazingly like Cape Cod. Yes, I believe!!

This next photo was on a friend's Facebook post recently taken in New Smyrna Beach, FL. I see a dove in flight and I wondered who's Message of Love that was for.

Psychic mediums like “The Long Island Medium”, Theresa Caputo,, John Edwards,, and many others all say one thing in common , they tell us to Look for Signs From Beyond. These signs can take the form of feathers, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, objects and songs that resonate with us or hold a special meaning. Some smell the scent of their loved one’s favorite cologne or perfume. Some spirits come to us in dreams so real we can touch them and maybe we have.

Have you been touched by an Angel or have an experience to share? Message us at or comment below, we'd love to hear from you.

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